Vanliga frågor

M3 product family

  1. Q: How can I get my scanner to work in my own software?

    A: For M3 and M3+ M3 eTicket units you will need to use ScanEmul.exe that can be found in your flashdisk->scanner folder. For M3 Mobile units you can active this by going to: Start->Settings->Buttons-> side key setting->Mark the ScanEmul box "Autostart". Press the reset button in the back and the scanner will be running constantly. With a press on the side key "S" it will scan into any program like word or excel etc.

  2. Q: What com port is the internal GPS set to on the M3 Mobile?

    A: Com2

  3. Q: I have heard of new OS firmware releases where can I get this?

    A: Contact support for instructions.

  4. Q: I need a new manual where can I get this?

    A: Contact support for instructions.

  5. Q: My M3 mobile's GSM/GPRS is not working!?

    A: Make sure that you are using the correct battery with 3 poles and not the "older" battery type with only 2 poles.

  6. Q: How can I make a "Hard" reset on my unit?

    A: For M3 and M3+ units you hold the reset button down until the keypad backlight turns off, then press the reset button once more and it will hard reset. For M3 mobile units there is only "Reset" no Hard or Soft resets are available. However you can make a factory reset but this erases everything on your unit: To do this follow the instructions below:
    "Press the power button for more than 12 seconds to turn off the power (can be confirmed by LCD off). While pressing call and end button, please press the power button shortly. When the [CLEAN BOOT WARNING] window will pop up with message "All data will be lost! Do you want to continue?""1. YES 0. NO, please press 1 to perform the Hard Reset."