1. Q: My display is not responding, what can I do?

    A: Make sure that there is nothing in between the display and the actual case part. Make sure the screen protector is not miss aligned forcing the touch screen to be pressed down constantly. Also clean all sides from dust and dirt since cases have been seen where this causes a constant pressure on the display. If this doesn't help call support for further instructions.

  2. Q: My battery is almost new but it is running out very quickly, why?

    A: Run 4 complete charges and discharges and try using the unit again as usual: For even more information contact support for a nice article about how to handle and taking care of your battery!

  3. Q: My Backlight is turned off and I can't turn it on again!?

    A: Hold the power button pressed down for 1,5 -2 seconds and it should light up again.

  4. Q: I want to connect a Bluetooth accessory such as a Bluetooth GPS, what do I need to do?

    A: Press the Bluetooth icon on the desktop, active Bluetooth and press menu->Bluetooth settings->Add new device..->mark your device and choose next->enter pass code if prompted->finish. Now go to the COM Ports folder in the Bluetooth settings window->New Outgoing port->COM8 or COM9->unmark secure connection->finish. Start your software and use the COM8 or COM9 to be able to receive data from your Bluetooth device.

  5. Q: I want to erase everything on my unit to return it to factory default condition, is that possible!?

    A: Reset the unit by holding down the power button and when you hear two beeps quickly press the "windows" and the "ok" button simultaneously, confirm with enter when prompted to (Caution: this will erase all data and additional software that has been installed after delivery).