Handheld Environmental Policy

Handheld has committed to protect the environment through all our operations and services. We strive to reduce pollution and to do our outmost to continually reduce our impact on the environment.

Environmental work and goals

Our environmental work is carried out through awareness where responsibility, establishing efficient routines and through active follow up of environmental promotions, achieving an environmental system which ensures a sustainable environment. Further we work systematically with improving measures, continuously avoiding and, at the same time, decreasing our impact on the environment.

The goal of our environmental work is to increase our environmentally certified suppliers or reward those who will become environmentally certified. For example, business trips should be undertaken using the most environmentally friendly alternative. We undertake the responsibility to continuously work for a better environment, both on and off the work place and to follow national and local regulations. To reach our goals we work as follows:

  • all employees are aware that the environment is an important part of our work and that we work together to improve it
  • our management team works in a positive and committed way to create the right conditions to ensure that we reach our environmental goals
  • a long term and genuine cooperation with environmentally certified contractors makes us a responsible supplier of rugged and mobile computers
  • continuous improvement of our processes and environmental work