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The Handheld Group is the premier source for rugged mobile products: from PDAs to tablets to PC products.

We are offering a broad range of high-quality, full-featured rugged devices in a variety of form factors, and at competitive prices.

Our product selection provides versatility, and thus creating an exclusive source for the finest handheld solution for practically any mobile computing challenge.

Our success is based on helping our partners succeed. To achieve our ambition, we focus on adding value to your contribution, and to deliver a truthful personal service. In addition, our product line is comprehensive, which results in us only supplying the best products in each form factor.

As our specialisation is rugged devices, we are thoroughly knowledgeable about all the products we offer. Therefore, we are able help you with anything from technical support to customisation.

Handheld partners can always count on prompt responses, direct communication and good value. We offer generous dealer discounts, special pricing on evaluation units and other incentives. Furthermore, we use our profound background in the mobile computing industry to deliver superior technical support for all our products. Additionally, we offer a service plan for our products, and local service centers.

Our goal is to build a strong network of dealers in multiple, vertical markets throughout the world. We will continue to offer our partners only the best rugged, mobile computing tools available. We encourage you to become a partner and enjoy the benefits of working with the Handheld Group.

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